Criminal Law

For some, being charged with a crime is the hardest thing they ever experience.  Individuals with pending crimes know that their relationship with their lawyer can make the difference between a fair result and slipping through the cracks.  We commit to our clients individualized treatment of each client’s case, understanding that this is a difficult and sometimes scary process.  Whether you are charged with a serious felony offense where prison is a very real possibility, or you have been charged with your first misdemeanor, our lawyers will protect all of your rights and work toward a fair outcome.  If we cannot resolve the case through negotiation we will take your case to trial at your request.  Our firm has a long history of seasoned and tested trial experience with positive results.  We never allow our clients to be bullied into pleading guilty to a crime they did not commit.

DUII Hanson Hanson Quist Law


The crime of driving under the influence, alcohol or drugs, requires a lawyer who knows the ins and outs of DUII law. DUII convictions carry minimum jail sentences even for first time convictions with steep financial penalties. We shepherd our clients through the process from the day after arrest to completion of the court process. We even handle DMV suspension hearings that can have a significant bearing on your criminal case.

Drug Charges Hanson Hanson Quist Law

Drug Crimes

Many of our clients are charged with simple possession or residue cases while others have been arrested for delivery of a substantial quantity of drugs. We handle marijuana cases, methamphetamine cases, heroin cases, cocaine cases, and all types of prescription drug cases. This firm makes it a priority to know and apply the newest court decisions to our client’s advantage. Oftentimes an individual has a defense to drug cases that is only discovered when a careful and patient lawyer reviews the case.

Sex Abuse Hanson Hanson Quist Law Firm, Mcminnville Oregon

Sex Abuse

Sexual Abuse, Rape, Sodomy, and Internet Sex Crimes are often Ballot Measure 11 offenses that carry minimum prison sentences of 70-100 months. If you or someone you know has been charged with a Sex Crime your lawyer can mean the difference between your freedom and long-term incarceration. Our firm has successfully handled thousands of Sex Abuse cases, many of them trial victories.

Theft Hanson Hanson Quist Law Oregon


Theft, Forgery, and ID Theft are being aggressively prosecuted in Oregon. We meet that prosecution with equal force and conviction. Ballot Measure 57 is a law being enforced that is resulting in more prison sentences for Theft or ID Theft convictions. We work hard to reduce sentences and resolve matters outside court so that the prosecution does not have unfair leverage against you. If the prosecution will not be fair we are always prepared for trial.

Assault Hanson Hanson Quist Law Oregon


Many types of Assault charges can result in six (6) to eight (8) year prison sentences. Others may be Domestic Violence or spousal dispute charges that also carry significant penalties if convicted, including large financial obligations. Our firm has navigated these types of charges in thousands of cases, often times through trial. The secret to successful outcomes of these cases is preparation. We will not be outworked and will competently guide our clients through Assault cases.

Expunction Hanson Hanson Quist Law Yamhill County Oregon


You may be eligible to erase your criminal conviction through a process called Expunction. We have helped hundreds of individuals to be able to say again “I have no criminal record.” If you have any convictions and are unsure of whether you qualify for expunction, call our office today.